Tuesday, August 3, 2010

it's a dog's life

this is how I spent most of last weekend:

ryan and i watched rex while laura and tor were at a wedding in pemberton. for the most part, rex did this:

it was broken up with a few short walks around the block, peeing in gardens, and taking a poop...in the middle of the sidewalk. what dog poops on the sidewalk? i will give him one break, he's blind. but what about the tactile difference between concrete and grass? don't...exactly...feel...the same. rex is just lucky he made it out to the sidewalk. had it happened indoors, he would have found himself sleeping here:

i don't know what it is about dogs in bc. when i grew up, my dog lived outside. he had a custom built home that he didn't have to share with anyone. it was insulated for the winter, and had a nice big open area with a roof to shade him from the sun for the summer. he had free reign of the entire backyard, where he could do his business at will. he could run as much as he wanted, chase any rabbit that dared enter his territory, and talk to the neighbourhood kids as they walked behind the back fence in an attempted short cut to school. he was allowed to sleep inside, on the laundry room floor, and as he got older and more mature, graduated to the kitchen. but never during meal times. he ate dog food. and dog biscuits. he drank water. if he was lucky, he got a little gravy poured over top of his food, or a little bacon fat. if he was really lucky, he got an egg in his food. usually it was because there was a broken one in the carton. he was loved immensely. but he never was allowed to sleep with us. or lick our face. he was a protector, a playmate, a confidante, a member of our family. he left a big hole in our family when he died. he is thought of constantly. he was laddie.

so while i think rex is a bit of a princess, a snob when it comes to his high expectations for steak and chicken heated to the perfect temperature and insists on his water chilled with ice cubes, and a suck when you leave him alone for 5 minutes too long, i know he occupies this giant piece of both ryan and laura's hearts. while he will never be allowed to sleep on my bed, he is always welcome to warm a piece of the floor beside it.

and i will always pick up his poop off the sidewalk (sick!).

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