Tuesday, July 20, 2010

long overdue

this post is definitely long overdue.

after a fulfilling week and a half with my family, i spent a week trying to catch up with sleep back at home, and get back into the swing of things at work. i have spent lots of time chatting with friends about my adventures with family, answered everyone's questions in the affirmative with "yes, my neice is incredibly beautiful, a real 'cuuutie'" and can't stop recounting all of the fabulous things my nephew said to me. so here's a quick recap of a few pics, and a few quotes, to help me remember.

t: "ben, do you have something special at home that you want to show me?"
b: "yes, i have a purple dragon and a black dragon that flies!"
...few minutes pause...
b: "i have a baby sister at home. her name is rose."

r: "ben, is rose beautiful?"
b: "no daddy, rose is a cuuuutie. a real cuuuutie."

b: "auntie trish, i am going to hug you with my legs and my arms and my tummy."

b: "i'm auntie trish and i don't snore cause i'm a girl."

t: "ben, i have to leave so that i can do a few things before your party."
b: "why auntie trish?"
t: "well, because i have to go out and buy you a present and pick up uncle ryan from the airport. i love you so much that i think you need more presents for your party!"
b: *smile stretches across face* "you're right auntie trish, i do need more presents for my party!"

b: "i'm blasting off to mars!"

after a week of visiting...
b: "auntie trish, this is my sister rose!"

b: "uncle ryan, will you please play with me?"
r: "sure ben, what do you want to play?"
b: "i'll play with the buzz car and you can play with the red train with no name."
...after ryan teasing ben by changing the toys around...
b: "i'm going to go get [...] in the basement. do not touch any toys." hahahaha

b: "i'm a kiss-kiss fish with a kiss-kiss face and i spread the smoochie-woochies all over the place.
smooch. smooch. smooch. smooch. smooch!"

who wouldn't want to smooch that face?!? i could have spent a month with ben and rose, just hanging out and having fun. but, c'est la vie - i will have to wait until christmas to cash in on some more fabulous family time. until then, i will miss these two kids like crazy! (and try and convince their parents to bring them for a visit!!)

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