Tuesday, September 7, 2010

labour day...or the opposite of...

this weekend we got away to escape the stress of our regular routines, breathe some fresh air, and relax. as we headed across the border, it felt like i left work light years behind and could feel every cell in my body collectively sigh with relief.

i love the ranch.
i love that i turn my cell phone off.
i don't check my email and don't look at facebook.
i don't set an alarm.
i don't keep to a bed time.
i wear the same clothes two days in a row and don't care.
i shower in the afternoon.
dinner is almost always cooked on the bbq. and always by someone else.
beer is cheap. and tastes better.
i read.
i knit.
and now, i golf.
i don't care what i do, or when i do it.
i don't care if i do anything at all.
i enjoy every minute that i spend with ryan.
i enjoy spending time with his family.
i enjoy some time alone.
i enjoy unplugging.

i am very thankful for the opportunity to take advantage of all this greatness.

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  1. when did you get to be such a great writer? this blog is deep and soothing = these pages would make a great scrapbook of life (remember this site won't be available forever, and hardcopy books do survive!)