Monday, September 27, 2010

back in the saddle...

that's right! i'm back in the saddle! or desk chair, classroom, college, however you want to say it. but the point is, i'm a student!!! when i finished physio school, i thought i would never dare step foot inside a post-secondary institution again. or not for a long while anyways. i was done. 2 degrees, 7 years, 6 co-op terms, 5 placements, 11 different aparments, 20 roomates, 23 moves, who knows how many textbooks and more exams than i would like to recall. i was done.

now? bring it on! i am so excited to have enrolled in my first photography class at langara college. in the past year and a bit, i bought my first dslr, took an intro course that taught me what the buttons all meant, took another intro course that taught me how to use them, went to rome and sailed around the mediterranean, took countless photos of family, and then decided that i wanted more out of my camera, so upgraded to my second dslr. now, i want to learn how to really use it. i want to figure out how i did this:

and this:

and how to help out my girlfriends by getting better at stuff like this:

the truth is, i love my job. i have worked long and hard to fulfill my dream and get where i am today (note previous stats...ugh), and work every day to get a little better at it all the time. but i have been dying to work on another love, and that is photography. i cherished my time in highschool working on the school yearbook as editor of my own section. and better yet, going back for a second year to assist ms. vandenbelt with her next group of young pups and providing input for the book as a whole. it was, without a doubt, invaluable experience and loads of fun. (anyone remember quinn in the ladies shower at brock university? hahaha)

what will this new adventure bring?
who knows!!

but i can't wait to find out...

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