Wednesday, November 10, 2010

an extended leave

it would seem as though i have been on a bit of an extended leave from my blog. it's not as though i haven't thought about this site, or my regular followers ;) just that i seem to have been in an extended state of busy. with school starting up again in september, it has been full steam ahead at work. with the return of school also comes the return of extracurricular activities. between powerskating, hockey, union meetings and photography class, i am busy with regularly scheduled activities 3 evenings a week and saturday afternoons. then add on top of that time to complete my photography assignments in addition to all of the usual activities of daily living including laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, and who can forget spending a few minutes with my tremendously understanding boyfriend? needless to say, it's the middle of november and i am wondering where the heck the last two months have gone!

but alas, i am currently on vacation! which means, i have cooked dinner the past two evenings, done numerous loads of laundry, had three lunch dates in three days, put a dent in my christmas shopping, enjoyed a generous sleep-in/lazy morning in bed, contacted a tv repairman, had a physio appointment, made cupcakes, and i still have two more days off before the weekend. while some people may strive for relaxation on a week off, i am need of a little bit more balance. i have been so busy that my list of 'things i would like to get done' seems to get longer as i try and keep up with my list of 'things i must get done'. so, i am quickly checking off items on the former list and subsequently reducing my impending stress as the holiday season approaches and the year draws to a close.

in the meantime, i have made a few updates to my blog, and will post a pic or two from the past couple of weeks.


a foggy day hike in lynn headwaters park was the perfect setting for an eery shot a few days before halloween.

ryan joined me one night on the pier across the street for my attempt at a 'rule of thirds landscape' shot for my course. i wan't to do something a little different than the typical mountains shots out here, so chose to shoot the city waterfront at night. the whole time ryan kept saying the dry dock would make a cool shot. he was right.
when he wasn't feeling very well, i had to drag him outside on the most perfect afternoon for this pic. i'm so glad he humoured me.

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