Saturday, October 16, 2010

long weekend, beautiful day

just in case all of you easterner's were wondering just what it is like to spend thanksgiving on the west coast, i made sure to tote my camera along with me... last sunday ryan and i joined wade for a beautiful afternoon at the driving range before hitting up the patio at one of our local pubs.

i had a blast taking photos of ryan hitting off the roof of the driving range. can you track his ball? (it was a beautiful shot!)

wind up...

and up...

what is it that barkley was told? a pause in your swing?


if your eyes can see it, you win! (not sure what yet, but it will be something...a hug from me? a high five?) and i'm not joshin', it's there, when you look at the pic in full size you can clearly pick out the ball! i pointed it out for you to give you a head start...

it's still goin'!

after a few buckets of balls, we went for a pint. or at least the guys did. can't say i'm a fan of honey brown...

ryan was blinded by the hot hot sun.

and just in case the previous picture of the pitcher had you curious, yes, deep cove has turned wade into a true mountain man! check out that beard!

if you are ever craving a warm thanksgiving weekend full of golden sun, green grass and golf, visitors are always welcome!! then again, this weekend is offering up much of the same! it has been one beautiful october!
let's keep it going....

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