Sunday, October 10, 2010

a long weekend, a wonderful afternoon

saturday i had the joy of visiting one of my girlfriends and her beautiful new daughter on her one month birthday. after a long restless night, anna had slept most of the morning and early in the afternoon. she then was hungry! erin had asked me to bring my camera along, and take a couple of pictures for her. what a treat! in an effort to capture a few moments of anna's special one month birthday, this is what I snapped:

there is something that is just so perfect and pure about a mother's love for her child. recently i have had the pleasure of seeing some of my girlfriends embark on this bond with their babes. erin and anna are a wonderful example!

anna is a pretty content little one, but that doesn't mean she doesn't speak her mind when she wants to be heard.

on a few occaisions, anna slipped into her most peaceful moment of the day, her milk coma.

she was even willing to show off her daily exercises, her post feeding stretching routine. it was impressive!

grandma has been asking for more photos, so anna decided she would cash in on some tummy time for just a few minutes while i snapped away. it was a challenge to capture her beautiful blues while they were open, but i think i succeeded.

and before i left, anna gave her first monumentous speech. i think it was about milk. or sleep. or poop. or how the combination of the three can really keep a girl busy all day.

thanks for a wonderful afternoon erin and anna!!

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  1. What beautiful pics Trish. I'm sure Grandma will be very happy!